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In this supremely sacred land of Bharat,
forbearance is the highest wealth.
Of all forms of rituals, the most important
one is adherence to truth and integrity.
The sweetest of feelings in this country is
love for mother and the motherland.
In this land, character is more important
than the life itself.
Such sacred principles have been totally forgotten,
and in the name of freedom
People lead a perverted life imitating
western culture.
Just as the mighty elephant is not aware
of its own strength,
Bharatiyas are not aware of the greatness
of their own culture.

Embodiments of Love! All festivals of Bharat (India) have
an inner divine significance. In Bharat, the festivals are celebrated
to prove the immanent divinity in humanity. Festival of Deepavali, teaches a sacred inner meaning to humanity.
No other element in this world is as significant as light. It
is the light that shows us the way by dispelling the darkness. It
is because of the light that man is able to attend to his daily
The flame of a lamp has two significant qualities. One is to
banish darkness; the other is a continuous upward movement.
Even if a lamp is kept in a pit, the flame is directed upward.
The ancients have taught that the upward movement of the
flame denotes the path to wisdom and the path to divinity.
However, the external light can dispel only the external darkness,
but not the darkness of ignorance in man.
When Hanuman set Lanka ablaze, though there was light
all around, Ravana’s heart was filled with darkness. Ravana
was no ordinary person; he belonged to the lineage of Brahma.
He was the brother of Kubera, the god of wealth. He had a
brother, Kumbhakarna, who was very powerful. He had a son
by name Indrajit, who conquered the mighty Indra, the king of
gods. He was a master of four Vedas and six Sastras. Such a
powerful and highly educated Ravana could not get rid of the
darkness of ignorance.
Dispel inner darkness
Ignorance is the cause of birth and death. One with ignorance
is born again and again (punarapi jananam punarapi
maranam). But one with wisdom has neither birth nor death.
God has neither birth nor death.
He is eternal; he has no beginning, no end.
He is in the form of Atma.
That is jnana jyothi (light of wisdom). If you want to light a lamp, you need a container. You have
to fill it with oil and place a wick in it. You need a matchbox to
light the wick. Only when you have all four accessories can
you light the lamp. This lamp dispels the external darkness.
Similarly, to dispel the darkness of ignorance, you need to
have vairagya (renunciation), the container; love, the oil; one
pointed concentration, the wick; and tatwajnana (spiritual wisdom),
the matchbox. Only when you have all these four can
you light the lamp of wisdom.


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