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 “Manyate Eshwara Adhesha Anena Eti Mantra”

” Mantra is actually related to manas or mind . Systamatic practice like vichar, manan and chintan will lead to the Supreme goal mantar siddhi .Mantra can give both Spiritual and Material Results. Mantras are classified into Bija mantar , Moola mantra , Mala mantra etc. It is in the form of Purusha, Srti and Napumsaka . Mantra has traditional and systamatic way of practice which should be learned from Traditional Tantrik Sadguru.

Mantra gives mental peace and happiness, by this mental Strength or manobala is attained .Manobala or mental Strength plays  major role in curing various Disease or Roga. Mantras plays major role in puja, homa and tarpana. While reciting mantra it create vibration in the shat chakras and vayumandala.this higher frequency gives different results according to the mantra practiced.while chanting mantra waves created travels to akasha and beyond and hits in the soorya or sun and bounce back taking sookshma shakti of soorya  and enters into sookshma sharira of the person practicing the mantra which is good for health and curing many of major disease. Even from ancients time vibration of letters is used for attaining both material and spiritual benefit.”

by Guruji Sri Nadanta aanada Natha




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