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In this supremely sacred land of Bharat,
forbearance is the highest wealth.
Of all forms of rituals, the most important
one is adherence to truth and integrity.
The sweetest of feelings in this country is
love for mother and the motherland.
In this land, character is more important
than the life itself.
Such sacred principles have been totally forgotten,
and in the name of freedom
People lead a perverted life imitating
western culture.
Just as the mighty elephant is not aware
of its own strength,
Bharatiyas are not aware of the greatness
of their own culture.

Embodiments of Love! All festivals of Bharat (India) have
an inner divine significance. In Bharat, the festivals are celebrated
to prove the immanent divinity in humanity. Festival of Deepavali, teaches a sacred inner meaning to humanity.
No other element in this world is as significant as light. It
is the light that shows us the way by dispelling the darkness. It
is because of the light that man is able to attend to his daily
The flame of a lamp has two significant qualities. One is to
banish darkness; the other is a continuous upward movement.
Even if a lamp is kept in a pit, the flame is directed upward.
The ancients have taught that the upward movement of the
flame denotes the path to wisdom and the path to divinity.
However, the external light can dispel only the external darkness,
but not the darkness of ignorance in man.
When Hanuman set Lanka ablaze, though there was light
all around, Ravana’s heart was filled with darkness. Ravana
was no ordinary person; he belonged to the lineage of Brahma.
He was the brother of Kubera, the god of wealth. He had a
brother, Kumbhakarna, who was very powerful. He had a son
by name Indrajit, who conquered the mighty Indra, the king of
gods. He was a master of four Vedas and six Sastras. Such a
powerful and highly educated Ravana could not get rid of the
darkness of ignorance.
Dispel inner darkness
Ignorance is the cause of birth and death. One with ignorance
is born again and again (punarapi jananam punarapi
maranam). But one with wisdom has neither birth nor death.
God has neither birth nor death.
He is eternal; he has no beginning, no end.
He is in the form of Atma.
That is jnana jyothi (light of wisdom). If you want to light a lamp, you need a container. You have
to fill it with oil and place a wick in it. You need a matchbox to
light the wick. Only when you have all four accessories can
you light the lamp. This lamp dispels the external darkness.
Similarly, to dispel the darkness of ignorance, you need to
have vairagya (renunciation), the container; love, the oil; one
pointed concentration, the wick; and tatwajnana (spiritual wisdom),
the matchbox. Only when you have all these four can
you light the lamp of wisdom.


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ImageThere are some temples where God is worshipped as Mother. In one of these, in the state of Bengal,in India, She is represented by a large stone image. The sculptor has carved in stone his idea of the Mother of the Universe, and many pious people, finding it attractive and inspiring, go there to pay their respects or make offerings.
One day an old monk who used a cane came into the temple. Approaching the altar he said, speaking aloud to God, “Mother, you are said to be God; tell me the truth: are you solid like stone — this image? Or are you formless, indescribable and impossible to touch?”
“Take your cane,” the monk heard a soft voice saying, “and strike my body on the left side.” He did, and the cane hit the stone with a clack. “Now strike me from the other side,” She said. When the cane reached the sculpture it passed right through it as if it were air.
Then the monk understood that God can be both — tangible and intangible — at the same time

A long time ago, someone told me the story of a very serious sadhak(devotee) who was sitting at a shrine, trying to win a vision of Devi(Goddess). He was very deeply involved in this great ritual, carefully keeping track to ensure he did the proper amount of japa on the proper mantras, that he made all the right offerings of the right items in the right order.

But he kept getting bothering by some old stray dog who was nosing about, disturbing him. Again and again, he slapped the dog away, finally chasing it off with a stick so that he could return to the serious work of seeking his vision of Devi.

And when finally DEVI appeared to him, She too was beaten about the face and marked with angry welts from the sticks. Every blow to the dog’s body was a blow to Devi. 

Any violence done to our fellow souls in this world is violence done to Devi(Goddess) “Devi is Everywhere!” Because She is everywhere.



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When you have the notion that you love everything, this overcomes your limitations. You realize that the notion of love does not mean trying to possess the thing you are wanting to hold onto but in letting go of the very thing. Love is not imposing your will on others. It is trying to find out what others want and trying to give it to them to the best of your ability.

Love takes different forms according to the object of your love. It is not the same mode in every case. You love fire by not touching it. Embracing a friend is an expression of love. Both are expressions of love. Because I love my child I don’t want to give it too many chocolates because I know it is bad for the stomach. Chocolates taste nice, but too much is bad. I know this but the child does not know. So the parent’s expression of love to the child includes denying sometimes what the child wants, knowing that it is not good for the child. Similarly Gods love includes denying what the devotee asks for unless it Is good for devotee.

Love is usually confused with sensuality or sex. But it really means all types of interactions where you are trying to give your best to others, where giving is giving what the partner needs, not what you want to; where letting go is letting go of the fruits of your action. Sometimes, your giving may yield your expected result, sometimes no. Love means detachment to the expectation and result both, not detachment to action.

Let me tell you a story. Supposing there is a man-eating tiger roaming around in a village. There is a woman who hears the roar of the tiger and she is trying to protect herself by running into all the closed doors and somehow finds a little door where she can enter to hide. The next day she is carrying her child and the same tiger comes along. All the doors are closed. There is no way she can escape. What does she do? She keeps the child somewhere else and goes and offers herself as prey to the tiger. This is an expression of her love towards her child. Love overcomes the fear of death. So she goes and offers herself and makes the supreme sacrifice to protect her child. Love has the power overcome fear. Let me give you another example.

Recently I saw a video of a young woman in the midst of 7 wild cheetahs. Any one was enough to rip her apart. She loved and understood wild animals. She knew that cheetahs were just cats, they were just big. She walks into them bare handed, playfully teases them, playfully alternately attacking and withdrawing. After a while, she just squats down. One cheetah approaches her cautiously, and starts playing with her, purring peacefully like a cat. How understanding, love and play overcomes fear!

Fear is the worst possible enemy that you have got. Your worst enemies are all inside of you, not outside. The enemies of any country are not the other countries, but the fears that the governments have about them. If people could only understand that our enemies are all inside ourselves, we would not need all these weapons, guns, shootings. The words we speak to each other are worse than guns!

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“A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty,
He said…no. She asked him if he would want to be with her forever…and he said no.
She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry, and once again he replied with a no.

She had heard enough. As she walked away, tears streaming down her face the boy stopped her and said..
You’re not pretty you’re beautiful.
I don’t want to be with you forever, I NEED to be with you forever.
And I wouldn’t cry if you walked away…I’d die…”

Unless a love affair is very concious, it is going to creat great anguish,great trouble for the boy & girl.
All lovers are in trouble.
the trouble is not personnel;it is the very nature og things.they would not have been attracted to each other… they call it falling in love.they canot give a reason why they have such a tremondous pull towards each other. they are not even concious of the underlying causes.;hence a strange thing happens;the happiest lovers are those who never meet.
once they meet the same opposition that created the atrraction becomes conflict.on each small point, their attitudes are different,their approaches are are diffrent.although they speek same language,they cannot understand each other….

If both parteners are concious of the fact that it is a meeeting of opposites,that there is no need to make conflict,then it is a great opportunity to understand the totaly opposite point of view and absorb it. then the life of man &women together can become a beautiful harmony.otherwise ,it is continuos fight.

love never enforces anything on any one

love never tries to dominate,to dictate

love with eyes knows when to say NO,when to say YES.

love neither interferes in anybody’s life nor allows anybody else to interfere into one’s own life.

love gives individuality to others,but doesnot lose its own individuality

love makes no conditions.

love gives you freedom to be your self. even if it goes against his/her intrest,still.a loving person will suffer himself/herself rather than make the loved one suffer……

when a boy & a girl ,their being opposites to each other.the further away they are,the deeper wiill be attraction,but there lies the whole problem.
when they come close,they want to come closer,they want to merge into each other,they want to become one,a harmonius whole-but thier whole attrraction depends on opposition,and harmony will depend on dissolving the opposition.

men and women are two parts of one whole.

so rather than wasting time in fighting,try to understand each other.try to put yourself in the place of other;try to see as a man sees,try to see as a women sees.and the four eyes are always better than two eyes.you have full view.

All the conflict in the world is because of Mis understanding.if you say something the other understand something else..

so try to understand each other………


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 When things go wrong as they sometimes will;

 When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill;

When the funds are low, and the debts are high

 And you want to smile, but have to sigh;

 When care is pressing you down a bit

 Rest if you must, but do not quit.

Success is failure turned inside out;

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt;

And you can never tell how close you are

 It may be near when it seems so far;

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit

 It’s when things go wrong that you must not quit.

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